Our Network

Clinical Communities

We work with a range of specialist cardiovascular societies and engage closely with stakeholders across the cardiovascular clinical research spectrum. The BHF CRC is the product of joint planning of these specialist societies and stakeholders

Specialist Societies


Patients, carers and the public

Specialist societies and research groups

The BHF CRC work alongside specialist cardiology societies to support the development and function of  a collaborative network of Research Groups (RG). Research Groups coordinate the clinical research planning and activities with a focus on a:

  • Type of heart disease or clinical problem e.g. heart failure and heart rhythm disturbance
  • Treatment type or method of cardiac imaging or investigation e.g. cardiac surgery and echocardiography

Each RG is constituted as the research element of one or more of the national specialist professional societies (e.g. Cardiac Surgery Research Group is governed by the British Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons) . Though each group has its own focus, the BHF CRC encourages collaborative work across groups to facilitate cross cutting, inclusive research which addresses the most important questions

Stakeholders and other partners

The BHF CRC works in partnership with key stakeholders in cardiovascular care and clinical research including:

  • The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) 
  • BHF Centres of Excellence in cardiovascular research 
  • BHF Data Sciences Centre 
  • Cochrane Heart
  • Clinical trials units (CTU) 
  • Health Data Research UK  (HDRUK)
  • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)
  • Comparable organisations promoting clinical research in different disease areas e.g. National  Cancer Research Institute.