BHF CRC National Clinical Research Database

One of our key aims is to encourage wider participation in research and to engage clinicians, institutions, patients and other service users who may, in the past, have had limited opportunities to engage with a research project. To facilitate this engagement we have commissioned a new national clinical research database.

Registering in this database will provide an opportunity to link clinicians, academics, patients and family members, funders and specialist industrial partners. You will be able to register your specific interests and expertise and, if you wish, tell us with which hospitals, universities, societies, or groups with which you are already associated. 

This database will support the collaboration that we seek to develop and also provide the opportunity for members to request information to support their research objectives (for example, to find clinicians and centres to participate in their project or to find patients or service users with experience in their field). 

We have commissioned a program for the continuous development of the database to better serve specific groups or purposes.  We would encourage groups to think about how an extended dataset, presented just to their members or other target audience could provide better information to plan and deliver clinical research in their field.