Clinical Trials Units

Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit


Areas of Research

  • Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Long-term surveillance/population/epidemiology studies
  • Studies bidding to or supported by; charitable funding, NIHR funding, commercial funding, and other funding
  • Clinical Trials of an Investigational Medical Product (CTIMP)
  • Studies to support UK regulatory approval
  • Studies involving recruitment outside the UK


We cannot take the sponsorship role

Particular areas of interest or experience in cardiovascular trial design and delivery

We have a substantial track-record in the development and delivery of robust multi-centre surgical and interventional cardiovascular clinical trials; in recent years we have collaborated on 12 trials including phase III trials in minimally invasive cardiac surgery, pilot trials in pre-habilitation, early phase CTIMPS and Phase III/IV trials, as well as reaching across to other specialties, including to oncology in the treatment of cardiotoxicity. We have a track record in device trials across other specialties that is transferable here.

We have recognised expertise and capacity in adaptive trial design (including leading an NIHR-funded project to develop national guidance for resource in adaptive trials), in CTIMPs and in surgical trials, focusing on the most appropriate design for each research question.

Our team, which includes methodologists, biostatisticians, health economists, works with investigators to develop high quality applications for funding and, ultimately, delivers a portfolio of practice-changing trials for patient benefit.

Address: Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit, Newcastle University, 1-4 Claremont Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4AE

Telephone number: (0191) 208 2522

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