Clinical Trials Unit Consultancy Packages

The BHF CRC offers UK researchers the opportunity to consult with a leading CTU to address questions in, and refine the design of, research projects.


Establish Relationships: Collaborate with premier CTUs tailored to your study to improve project design.

Promote CTU Involvement: Engage CTUs early in the study design process for better results.

Support with Study Development: Receive expert guidance and answers to critical questions in methodology, statistics, or practical design to advance study development.


Eligible projects must be towards the later stages of development (rather than conceptual) and of sufficient scale or merit to attract support from one of our established Research Groups. Smaller scale or early-stage studies should be directed towards the NIHR Research Design Service. Researchers can choose the CTU they prefer from our list of partnered CTUs.

How to Apply

Applications are now open.

  • Complete the application form¬†and submit it along with the trial protocol to
  • A member of the BHF CRC team will confirm receipt of your request and send it to your selected CTU for review. You will be contacted within 14 days of the CTU receiving your request to confirm whether the CTU is able to accept your application for support
  • If accepted, the CTU will arrange 1-3 virtual meetings for consultation, and the BHF CRC with reimburse the CTU for up to 4 hours of consultancy.

Apply Now: Consult with a leading CTU to refine your research project.

Learn More: Explore the list of partnered CTUs on our website.

Join us in advancing research and enhancing the impact of your studies with expert CTU consultation package.