CTU Consultancy Packages

The BHF CRC offer UK researchers the opportunity to consult with a leading CTU to address questions in, and refine the design of, research projects. Eligible projects must be towards the later stages of development (rather than conceptual) and be of sufficient scale or merit that they will attract the support of one of our established Research Groups. Smaller scale studies or those in early-stage development are not applicable for this initiative and should be directed towards the NIHR Research Design Service. Researchers can choose the CTU they would like to work with from the list of our partnered CTUs.

We hope that this initiative will allow researchers to:

  • Establish a relationship with a premier CTU, best suited to their proposed study
  • Promote CTU involvement at the appropriate stage in study design
  • Provide answers to key questions in methodology, statistics or practical design to further study development.

How to apply

Complete the application form and send this along with your trial protocol to


If the chosen CTU accepts the application of support, they will contact the researcher and arrange between 1 and 3 virtual meetings to provide consultation for the project. The BHF CRC will directly reimburse the CTU for up to 4 hours of consultancy work, which includes the initial review period.
At the conclusion of the consultancy, there is no continuing obligation for either the researcher or the CTU in respect of the project. The parties may continue to collaborate, but this activity would not attract further financial support from the BHF CRC.

Support packages will be available from May 2021 and continue until the allocated budget for the project has been spent.