Clinical Trials Units

Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit


Areas of Research

  • Phase 1, 2, and 4
  • Long-term surveillance/population/epidemiology studies
  • Studies bidding to or supported by; charitable funding, NIHR funding, commercial funding, and other funding
  • Clinical Trials of an Investigational Medical Product (CTIMP)
  • Studies to support UK regulatory approval
  • Studies involving recruitment outside the UK


We prefer to act as the sponsor

Particular areas of interest or experience in cardiovascular trial design and delivery

The Cambridge CTU runs clinical trials of all phases and also physiological and epidemiological studies. We have a particular interest in early phase trials / experimental medicine studies and welcome studies done in partnership with industry. There are strong links with clinical pharmacology to support design and execution of first-in-human studies, and a wide range of techniques are available on site to help with early proof-of-concept / mechanism. We have established links with the MRC biostatistic Unit (on site) to help with innovative clinical trial design and are currently running a number of adaptive clinical trials. We have also worked in partnership with the NIHR BioResource to run a number of physiological profiling studies based on “recall by genotype”. We welcome approaches from investigators outside the campus and industry.

Address: Box 401, Level 6, Coton House, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation

Telephone number: 01223 596474

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