BHF-Funded AI Tool Predicts Heart Attack Risk

In a major leap forward, research funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has unveiled an AI toolset to revolutionize the treatment of chest pain patients undergoing CT scans. Presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions in Philadelphia, the AI tool, capable of predicting the 10-year risk of fatal heart attacks, could alter treatment for up to 45% of patients, potentially saving thousands of lives. 

Conducted at eight UK hospitals, the study analysed data from over 40,000 individuals who underwent routine cardiac CT scans. The AI tool, trained to identify changes in fat around inflamed arteries, combined with other clinical risk factors, accurately predicted the risk of cardiac events. In a groundbreaking pilot, clinicians altered treatment plans for 45% of patients based on the AI tool’s insights, showcasing its potential to guide and enhance patient management. 

With an estimated 20% reduction in heart attacks and 8% fewer cardiac deaths and strokes among those tested, the AI tool proves highly cost-effective for the NHS. Already commissioned for a pilot in five NHS hospitals, there is anticipation that this transformative technology, backed by the BHF, will soon be widely implemented across the UK, contributing significantly to preventive heart health care. 

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