BHF CRC Launches new Research Development Fund

The BHF CRC recognises that clinical research project development can be enhanced by access to specialist support.  We are now offering the opportunity to bid for funds to support the development of clinical research in cardiovascular disease and improve the impact and value of the work of researchers. The fund will provide grants from £5k up to £20k and all topic ideas will be considered

The aim of this fund is to support the development of clinical research projects.  All ideas will be considered but examples of typical project ideas might include:

  • Assessment of clinical research priorities (including service user reviews)
  • Systematic reviews
  • Grant targeting and preparation
  • Supporting an educational session
  • Acquisition or analysis of pilot study information

Eligibility Criteria

This funding is open to all cardiovascular research groups who are integrated into the BHF CRC.  Bids must be approved by, and submitted through, the leadership of one of our constituent Research Groups which are a function of its specialist society.

Applications for the first round of funding will be open from the 8th February 2021 and close on the 16th May 2021.

Scores in the range 0-10 will be awarded for applications in each of the following domains:
– Importance and relevance of the clinical question to be addressed
– Methodological rigour of the proposed work
– Likelihood of project completion in the specified timescale (includes a consideration of the strength and cohesion of the research team
– Potential value of the project to develop future research activity

Further details on the funding and application process can be found through the links below:

Guidance Notes

Application Form


Should you require any further information, advice or guidance on this funding call, please contact the BHF CRC Core team via email