Our Strategy

Bringing Research Communities Together

Promote and Coordinate the Effective Planning and Delivery of Clinical Research

We will work with established national specialist societies to capitalise on existing areas of success and maximise the inclusion of specialist and sub-specialist groups in CVD to encourage and facilitate collaboration and research delivery

  • Work with and through the Research Groups of the national specialist societies, leveraging their natural and established authority in their field
  • Establish a BHF CRC Steering Group from the Research Group leads, to enhance co-ordinated activity and to decide best use of CRC resources
  • Provide venue, travel and administrative support to research groups meetings
  • Promote collaboration and minimise competition in research prioritisation, planning and delivery

Add Value: Provide Solutions to Problems Faced by Our Stakeholders

We will add value by targeting the research development problems identified by our stakeholders and bring new resources and support to provide practical solutions.

  • Provide a practical and contemporary IT support system based on Microsoft 365 environment and Microsoft Teams for the research groups to support collaboration within and between groups
  • Promote Microsoft Teams meetings and collaborative file sharing as a cost-effective and efficient method of wider and more frequent engagement
  • Establish links with the BHF Data Sciences Centre to consider automated solutions for outcome reporting vis ONS and NHS Digital
  • Develop relationships with NIHR Clinical Trials Units (CTU), investing to secure research development support with methodological and statistical consultancy
  • Partner with the Cochrane Heart Group to support the production of systematic reviews
  • Share and promote best practice solutions

Engage the Broader Research Community

We will promote the wider benefits of research activity through transparent and inclusive research group constitution and function, ensuring the views of patients and clinicians are encouraged and heard alongside academics and industry in research development

  • Encourage a common, democratic, and transparent constitution for Research Group membership and activity
  • Engage with patients and other service users to promote appropriate representation in the development and delivery of research proposals.
  • Promote engagement and equality of opportunity for NHS institutions with limited current research activity and the wider clinical workforce
  • Support the development of future researchers: engage with doctors and other healthcare professionals in training to raise the awareness of clinical research and to support the training offered by the specialist societies
  • Develop a public facing website to promote the BHF CRC and cardiovascular clinical research
  • Invest in shared projects, such as education and promotion through the BCS and at major national society meetings