About Us

Helping Shape the Future of Research

Launched in June 2019, the BHF Clinical Research Collaborative (BHF CRC) aims to support the planning and delivery of clinical research in heart and circulatory diseases in the UK. We provide services and infrastructure to facilitate, enhance and coordinate the research planning of existing cardiovascular and surgical societies.  

The collaborative is funded through a generous program grant from the UK’s leading heart disease charity, the British Heart Foundation (BHF), and hosted by the British Cardiovascular Society, who provide office space, financial oversight and human resources support. 

The CRC is led by a Chief Operating Officer, a Programme Coordinator, and an appointed senior Clinical Lead. It is supported by, and reports to, an Oversight Board appointed by the BHF.  

Services We Provide

Administration Support

We provide support for Research Groups set up through specialist cardiovascular societies. We offer meeting administration and facilitation, with a well-equipped meeting room, ideal for face to face and hybrid meetings. In addition, we provide essential Microsoft Teams products and licenses to support collaborative efforts.

Research Development

Explore our Research Development Fund, which provides small grants to our integrated Research Groups to support the development of clinical research. We also offer assistance with the design and coordination of Research Priority Setting Projects.

Clinical Research Database

Discover our National Clinical Research Database, connecting clinicians, academics, patients, family members, funders, and industrial partners interested in research planning and design.

Clinical Trials Unit Consultancy

Leverage our network of specialist Clinical Trials Units (CTUs). Our CTU Consultancy Package offers UK researchers the opportunity to collaborate with a leading CTU to refine the design of their research projects.

Communication and Networking

We aim to build connections within the clinical research community. Stay engaged and exchange information through our website, newsletters, and social media. Explore insightful podcasts developed in partnership with our researchers to broaden knowledge and skills.

Patient and Public Engagement

We provide tools and resources to help researchers and patients collaborate on projects. We engage with a range of patient groups and are able to connect suitable patients and members of the public to the relevant research based on their interests, skills and experiences.

The Need for the BHF Clinical Research Collaborative​